Careless Drivers Injure Two Ohio Department of Transportation Workers

Within the past eight days, drivers have hit five Ohio Department of Transportation crews operating on the road. Two ODOT workers were injured.

More and more people are returning on the roads, and they must drive carefully and slow down for the people who work on the roads, said ODOT director Jack Marchbanks. 

The first of the recent collisions happened on May 27 when a semi-truck crashed the rear of an ODOT truck pulling an arrow board as part of a rolling work zone on U.S. 30 in Crawford County. An ODOT employee was in the truck; he was aairlifted to a Columbus hospital for treatment.

On Monday, an ODOT employee was also hit by a driver while outside of his truck, closing a ramp. He was transported to the hospital with an injured arm.

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Sometime before 1 a.m. on Wednesday, an ODOT crew was working along I-490 in Cleveland when they were hit by a vehicle. Shortly after this accident, an ODOT pickup truck on U.S. 224 in Putnam County got hit as the employee was putting signs for a work zone. Both crashes went without injured workers.

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