Workers’ Compensation Compensable Injuries in Columbus

When you have been injured in the workplace, you are entitled to claim compensation from the workers’ compensation insurance system. So what is considered compensable injuries? Filing a WC claim can be quite complicated at times. If you don’t know what you are doing, the insurance company can easily deny your rightful claim. That is why you need to hire a reliable workers’ compensation lawyer in Columbus OH to handle your WC claim and obtain maximum compensation for your injuries.

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Am I Eligible For WC Benefits?

WC insurance makes sure that employees injured at work don’t suffer financial losses as a result of their injuries. Every business in OH that employs one person or more should get WC insurance for their employees. Even independent contractors can be eligible to receive benefits under workers’ compensation insurance in OH.

Once you file a WC claim, your medical records are evaluated by the BWC or the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation in OH. It helps the bureau determine whether you were injured on the job. You need to hire a reliable WC lawyer to handle your case and obtain maximum compensation on your behalf. Your attorney is the best person to evaluate your claim and advice whether you are entitled to claim compensation under the WC insurance system in Ohio.

Am I Eligible for Workers Comp benefits?

Compensable Injuries

Not all accident on the job qualifies for WC claims in Columbus OH. But most employees can file a claim when they have been injured on the job. Some of the most common compensable injuries include:

  • Back Injuries – Most workers in OH complain of lower back injuries after lifting heavy objects while at work. Whether the injury was sudden or developed over time through repetitive movements of carrying heavy objects, you are entitled to claim compensation for fractured vertebrae, herniated discs, strains, sprains, and other lower back injuries.
  • Paralysis And Spinal Cord Injuries – Accidents that involve a blow to the spine can be hazardous. The spinal cord connects the nervous system to the brain and controls most of the body functions. Spinal injuries can lead to partial or complete paralysis over time. It can drastically decrease the quality of the employee’s life.
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) And Head Injuries – Injuries to the brain or head of an employee can have long-term effects on the individual’s life including cognitive issues. You should seek immediate medical attention if you have suffered injuries to the brain or head. You are entitled to claim compensation under WC insurance for such injuries.
  • Broken Bones And Fractures – Broken bones and fractures are considered some of the most common workplace injuries in Columbus OH. Falls from elevations, falling objects, and being struck by machinery are some of the major reasons for such injuries. It is impossible for an employee to continue working when he or she has suffered such injuries.
  • Amputation – Losing a limb in a workplace accident is a tragedy that no employee wishes to suffer. The consequences can affect the quality of life of the person. Such an event is highly traumatic and deserves maximum monetary compensation from WC insurance.
  • Burn Injuries – Burns are common in industrial settings. Electric currents, fires, chemicals, and explosions can lead to severe burns in employees. The injured employee may require lengthy treatment sessions depending on the severity of his/her burn. You are entitled to claim compensation for your burn injuries from WC insurance.
  • Ear And Eye Injuries – Workplace accidents can result in loss of eyesight and hearing. Sudden accidents, chemical burns, or long-term exposure to loud noises result in these types of injuries. When you suffer such injuries in your workplace, you can claim compensation from the WC insurance system.

What is considered a compensable injury?

What Type Of Compensation Can You Claim?

The types of WC benefits you may qualify for include:

  • Temporary Total – If you have been temporarily or totally disabled due to a workplace accident, compensation will be awarded for wages that have been lost.
  • Living Maintenance – Compensation will be awarded to the injured employee to actively participate in a rehabilitation plan that was approved by his/her healthcare provider.
  • Wage Loss – If you experience a direct loss of earnings as a result of your workplace injuries, you can claim compensation for such losses.

How Long Do You Have To File A WC Claim In OH?

The state of Ohio has one-year statute limitations to submit WC claims.

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When you have been injured in a workplace accident, you can claim compensation under Ohio’s workers’ compensation insurance system. You need to hire the best WC lawyer in Columbus OH to file your claim and obtain maximum compensation for your injuries. Call Ohio Workers Compensation Lawyers today at (833) 406-0060 to file your workers’ compensation claim and obtain maximum benefits for your injuries.