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Have you been injured at work? Ohio Workers Compensation Lawyers has experienced attorneys, based in Cincinnati, who relieve you of the burden of lodging your claim letting you focus on recovery from your injury. An expert Cincinnati workers’ compensation lawyer will prepare all the paperwork, deal with the relevant deadlines, and argue your case to ensure you are awarded the rightful compensation as per the law.
If you suffered harm at your workplace or experienced illness on your job, get medical attention if required, and report this to your employer immediately.

cleveland wcl 01 A workplace injury typically involves a single event whereas an occupational illness arises from continuous exposure to various hazards during work. Such illnesses may be caused by chemicals, fumes, radiation, physical vibration from heavy equipment, or drastic fluctuations in noises, pressure or temperature. After being treated and communicating your claim to your employer, get in touch with Ohio Workers Compensation Lawyers at 513-657-1879. We will assist you to complete the necessary paperwork and decide the appropriate procedures to follow to guarantee that you are fully compensated for your injury or illness. [toc]

Why Is It Important to Work With a Cincinnati Workers’ Comp Lawyer?

It is possible to lodge a workers’ compensation claim on your own, but it is advisable to hire Ohio Workers Compensation Lawyers for several reasons. Workers’ compensation can be a complex undertaking, our input helps navigate some of the complicated issues which might include:

Rejection of Your Workers Compensation Claim

A huge percentage of workers do not appeal their claim after denial. Our attorneys at Ohio Workers Compensation Lawyers work for you without an upfront fee and provide an excellent opportunity to get fair benefits.

The Settlement Amount Is Lower Than Incurred Costs

In some cases, the award offered may not be sufficient to cater for all your medical costs and job income loss from your workplace injury. Normally, a judge will approve any settlement as long as it appears to be just. Our workers’ compensation lawyers strive to ensure that you receive your deserved maximum compensation.

Injury Prevents You from Resuming Your Job

Workers’ compensation disabilities or injuries that limit your ability to work in your previous position or any other work can be costly for insurers since they must pay one huge lump-sum amount or weekly wages for the rest of your life to compensate for lost income. It is crucial to seek professional workers’ compensation counsel from Ohio Workers Compensation Lawyers if you have experienced a permanent illness or injury. We are deeply knowledgeable in Ohio law to push for compensation that is fair for you.

What Is The Process of Filing an Ohio Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Either your employer can submit claim forms to their insurance company or a workers’ compensation claim can be lodged at the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC). This document is referred to as a First Report of Injury (FROI). Before presenting the FROI you should consult professional attorneys at Ohio Workers Compensation Lawyers. The FROI is a formal request for compensation for your injury from the state insurance fund. An application can be done online or submitted via mail. This form fulfills the standards that are outlined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The form must have the following details:
  • An account of the accident;
  • The medical pronouncement on the injury;
  • Health records and documents that exhibit direct evidence of your workplace accident;
  • All details on disability.
Lodging a claim should only commence once all the relevant documents have been gathered and organized. Our workers’ compensation lawyers, at Ohio Workers Compensation Lawyers, can collect and review these medical documents for you.

What Are The Timelines For Filing A Workers’ Compensation Claim in Ohio?

Ohio effected a one-year statute of limitations for filing written or online claims related to workers’ compensation, starting from September 29, 2017. Previously, this period was two years. It starts on the day the injury happened. The time limit set for lodging a workers’ compensation claim arising from an occupational disease depends on the context of the disease. Call the attorneys at Ohio Workers Compensation Lawyers to assess your specific case. Recognizing the stringent time limitations, it must be your top priority to seek the advice of a workers’ compensation lawyer as soon as you can to explore all the alternatives available before commencing. Our lawyers are ready to pick your call at any time if you have been injured.

Do I Qualify for Workers Comp Benefits?

Workers’ compensation benefits aim to protect employees injured at their workplaces by ensuring they do not experience financial losses from their accident. Almost all workers of Cincinnati businesses are covered under Ohio’s workers’ compensation system because state legislation demands that all businesses employing at least one person have coverage. Even independent contractors in the state may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. Our attorneys will explain to you your rights as an independent contractor if you are harmed at work. After filing your workers’ compensation claim, the Ohio BWC will assess your medical reports and decide if you were harmed in the scope and course of your work. Consequently, they will talk about the potential settlement with your employer. They can decide to permit, reject, or pass on the claim for further adjudication to the Industrial Commission of Ohio.

In Case of Death, How Does Workers Compensation Work?

If a loved one has passed on due to an occupational disease or workplace injury, all their dependents may be entitled to death benefits. In Ohio State, a dependent can be a member of the family of the dead employee or any other person who can show a degree of dependency. An official submission must be presented, considered and a ruling delivered. If the employer or the potential defendants are not satisfied with the ruling, they can file an appeal and request for a hearing. Apart from death benefits, there are additional benefits that you might be eligible for as the dependent of a worker who passed on from an on-the-job illness or injury. Most of the time, these benefits are large amounts to assist those left in need by an employee’s death. Ohio Workers Compensation Lawyers can assist you to understand and claim any benefits you qualify to receive as a dependent. When lodging workers’ compensation claims arising from the death of an employee, time is very important. Under Ohio rules, there is a limit on the amount of time a dependent is allowed to apply for extra benefits. Our lawyers will ensure you are safe by processing claims before deadlines so that you are not time-barred.

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What Kind of Compensation Can I Receive from a Workers Comp Claim?

Workers’ compensation cases are always different and the benefits you are likely to receive will depend on individual circumstances. There are several compensation types based on your qualifications, as mandated by Ohio’s BWC. Remember, you may be entitled to compensation even though you skipped work due to your injury. The various kinds of compensation are:
  • Wage Loss: An injured worker may be approved for compensation where their earnings are directly reduced due to restrictions arising from permitted conditions in their application;
  • Living Maintenance: Compensation to an injured worker may happen where they actively participate in an authorized rehabilitation program;
  • Temporary Total: In the case of complete disability to work in the short term as a result of a workplace injury or occupational ailment, compensation might be given to replace missed wages.
The comprehensive list of the classes of benefits related to worker compensation can be viewed on Ohio’s BWC site.

What Is The Reason for Rejection of Some Workers’ Compensation Claims?

After submitting your workers’ compensation application, the Ohio BWC decides whether to deny or approve your claim. Your claim can be denied for these reasons:
  • Your claim was time-barred by the statute of limitations;
  • There exist inconsistencies between your claim and the presented medical records;
  • You failed to provide a detailed description of your workplace accident;
  • The injury happened outside your place of work;
  • Your employer takes issue with your claim;
  • There exists a contest on the status of your employment.
A high number of workers’ compensation claims can cause an increase in your employer’s insurance premium. For this reason, they are incentivized by their financial goals to encourage the rejection of your claim. The employer might provide an alternative description of the facts that led to your injury when requested for approval of your claim. Also, they can attempt to introduce a technicality to invalidate your claim. In the case that your claim is rejected, Ohio law permits a maximum of 14 days to appeal. If you decide to appeal the outcome of your claim, the matter will be heard by the Industrial Commission. On the set hearing date, you should bring some copies of all the relevant documents that pertain to your case. It is highly recommended that you hire experienced workers’ compensation lawyers, familiar with Ohio law, such as Ohio Workers Compensation Lawyers, to act as your representative during the hearing as your employer will likely have their attorney.

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