Columbus Workers’ Compensation Claims Process

When you or a loved one is injured on the job, handling the workers’ compensation claims process can be an added problem to the stress you are already experiencing. Workers’ comp law in Ohio is quite complicated and needs the expertise of a professional Columbus workers’ compensation lawyer. Workers’ comp law provides monetary awards to injured or disabled employees who were hurt on the job. When your loved one is injured at work, you need the best workers’ comp lawyer in town to handle your case and obtain the maximum compensation for his/her injuries.

Columbus, OH has its own share of workers’ compensation attorneys, but all of these professionals are not created alike. Your research is crucial to selecting the right attorney to handle your case and obtain maximum monetary benefits for the pain and suffering he or she had to undergo as a result of the workplace accident. Ohio Workers’ Compensation Lawyers is a trusted name in Columbus, OH when it comes to handling worker’s comp lawsuits. Our team of experienced WC lawyers has the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to handle your case and obtain maximum compensation for your injuries.

Insurance companies often deny WC claims initially to make the claimant put in more effort to obtain a settlement. You can be confident that your employer will have attorneys on their side, make sure you do as well. A good lawyer on your side knows how to deal with insurance companies to get them to pay you the maximum compensation that you rightly deserve. Our team of WC lawyers has dealt with hundreds of WC claims in the past. If you or your loved one has been injured in the workplace, call Ohio Workers’ Compensation Lawyers at (833) 406-0060 and receive a risk-free consultation.

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How Can I Know if My Injury Will Be Covered By a Workers’ Comp Claim?

First, you need to know how worker’s compensation works in Ohio. Ohio practices a no-fault and exclusive insurance system for workers’ compensation. When an employee is hurt in the workplace, he or she can claim WC benefits for medical bills and a portion of lost wages. The employee doesn’t need to prove that the employer caused his/her injury to receive such benefits. But the employee has no right to sue the employer for negligence. Also, the injured employee won’t receive any money for pain and suffering as in civil litigation. The state has four important requirements for an employee to qualify to receive WC benefits in Ohio.

  • There should be an employer/employee relationship – The employee should be rightfully entitled to receive benefits from WC insurance and not an independent contractor.
  • The injury should be accidental in character – The employee should have been following workplace protocol and procedure when the accident happened.
  • The injury should have happened in the course of employment – Or on the job.
  • The injury arose out of employment – The injury was caused due to a risk/hazard directly related to employment.

If your injury fulfills all these four requirements, you are entitled to claim compensation from WC insurance. Here are some injuries that are not covered by WC insurance in OH:

  • The employee didn’t seek medical treatment for the purported injury – The employee doesn’t have the required proof of the medical need for time off work.
  • The injury didn’t keep the employee out of work for 3 or more days – In fact, 3 days is the minimum period for a temporary disability in OH.
  • The injury occurred while the employee was engaged in illegal activity within the workplace.
  • The employee intentionally caused his/her own injury.
  • The injury occurred while the employee was under the influence of liquor or drugs.
  • The supervisor advised the employee not to perform the work that led to the injury.

Your WC lawyer is the best person to evaluate your case and let you know whether you are entitled to claim benefits from WC insurance. Make sure you hire a reliable Columbus, OH workers’ compensation lawyer to handle your claim and obtain maximum benefits in the process.

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How Long Do You Have to File a Workers’ Comp Claim in Ohio?

When you are injured in the workplace, you have has one year to file a WC claim with the BWC or the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. The BWC will process your case and issue a decision within 28 days of filing the case. If your WC claim involves an occupational disease, it should be filed within two years of the date of the disability.

How To File The Workers’ Comp Claim in Ohio?

The first thing is to report the injury to your employer as soon as possible. The more you delay reporting the incident, the BWC may think that your injury isn’t serious, and you are trying to use the WC system to seek unfair financial gain. You need to begin the claim process by filing the first report of injury (FROI) with the BWC.

This can be done by the doctor who treated you or your employer. If neither party agrees to do so, you will have the file the claim yourself. Your WC lawyer will help prepare the case properly and file it within the allotted time frame. The BWC will evaluate the claim by speaking to you, your employer, and your medical practitioner.

If your claim is approved, you will receive your rightful benefits. If the claim is denied due to whatever reason, you can appeal the decision of BWC and resubmit your claim within 14 days.

Get Help With the Workers’ Compensation Claims Process in Columbus

When you are injured at work, you are entitled to claim compensation for your injuries under workers’ compensation insurance. You need to hire the best workers’ comp lawyer in Columbus, OH to handle your claim. Call Ohio Workers’ Compensation Lawyers today at (833) 406-0060 and receive a risk-free consultation and obtain maximum compensation for your injuries.