CDC Study Advises Working from Home When Possible

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a new study that indicates that people who tested positive for the coronavirus were more likely to have returned to work at a central office or school in a group regularly. The study discovered that working adults who were positive for the virus had been working from home for a couple of weeks before they felt the symptoms. Among working adults who tested negative, 53% had teleworked, and the rest had not.

Allowing employees to work remotely when possible is a smart consideration for reducing the spread of the virus. Industries, where telework options aren’t available, should provide safety measures to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19.

This study was issued at a critical time for Ohio and the entire country when the infection numbers are extremely high. 

Although this virus isn’t considered a workplace injury and most people aren’t eligible for a compensation claim from their companies, you should consider consulting with an attorney.

Being exposed to the virus, if there is a chance of working from home, puts you and your family in danger. Some workers such as doctors, nurses, teachers, salespersons, and so on, are directly exposed to the risk of the virus and there is little to no chance for them to work from home.

If your company didn’t do anything to provide you with protective masks, gloves, and other equipment, you might have a case.

Your attorney should review your case and tell you what you can expect. In some cases, the infected worker may be eligible for worker’s compensation.

Proving this can be a challenge, which is why an Ohio workers’ compensation attorney should represent your case. Be sure to seek help as soon as you feel well. Ask our team at Workers’ Compensation Lawyers for more information.