How to Handle a Deposition in your Cincinnati Workers’ Comp Case

It can get difficult to deal with a Cincinnati workers’ comp case. Your claim will be investigated by your employer and the Bureau of worker’s compensation. They can challenge your claim for medical and wage expenses that occurred due to work-related injury or occupational illness. In 2019, there were 4,572 preventable injury-related deaths. The case of workers comp claim is similar to a personal injury case.

You may be required to give a deposition. Like a personal injury case, you have the right to receive advice from an attorney for a workers’ comp case. Your attorney can represent you in court. Your attorney will also be able to prepare you for a deposition along with helping you throughout the case. Suffering a work-related injury can become extremely stressful. Severe injuries leave a devastating impact on your life. It is essential to hire a professional attorney for your Cincinnati workers’ comp case.

Cincinnati Workers’ Comp Case; What is a Deposition?

To attain testimony from the people involved in a Cincinnati workers’ comp case, your lawyer will schedule a deposition. If you file a claim, you will be required to respond to questions about your injury, the incident, the medical care you have been receiving, the recovery process, and your current situation.

For court proceedings, the depositions are usually recorded on videos, and the transcript is prepared. You might get a chance to change your answers once the transcript is shared with you and your workers’ comp attorney.

Preparation for Deposition:

You may still be recovering from your injuries and you may be in pain while sitting for a deposition. Moreover, the entire session of deposition can make you feel nervous and anxious. You may also be suffering from symptoms caused by your work-related injury. It is normal to be worried; your attorney will always assist you in the process.

If you are completely prepared your anxiety will lower. You should anticipate the legal deposition process and how you can answer the questions effectively. You can also prepare answers that will further strengthen your case.

Once your deposition is scheduled, prepare with your attorney. You should review the accident report that you filed along with all your medical records and discuss possible answers with your attorney. You should inquire from your attorney about how you can handle a complicated situation.

What You Will Be Asked in a Deposition:

You should be prepared to talk about the following aspects of your work-related injury.

1. Employment History:

You will have to provide complete information and a history of yourself. You will be asked your complete information from your name, address, age to contact information. You will also be required to provide previous job details and your current job where you got injured and whether you have filed for a workers’ comp claim before the incident.

2. Your Injury Details:

You should provide complete and detailed information regarding your injury and the pain you have suffered. Try not to mention the experiences of others or what you heard. Remain focused on your own experiences and the facts of the incident.

3. Previous Health Conditions and Injuries:

You may not be disqualified to receive the claim for workers’ comp because of a pre-existing health condition. However, you may be inquired whether your condition is new or are these severe symptoms of a previous underlying condition.

4. Medical Care & Treatment for Your Injury:

You are required to provide complete details to your attorney from the first visit to the hospital till the date of deposition. It should include diagnosis and treatment plans for your condition. You should establish a solid need to recover coverage of medical and therapy bills.

5. Work Restrictions or Disabilities:

You may receive permanent disability benefits if you can prove that you have sustained work-related injuries causing disability or work restrictions for you. This will strengthen your case.

Get in Touch to Prepare for Your Cincinnati Workers’ Comp Case:

You should tell the truth, request breaks, and remain hydrated to stay calm and better understand the questions. Understand each question before answering and limit your answer to the question. Don’t be shy to ask the lawyer to explain the question or rephrase it. You can also ask the lawyer to define something that you don’t understand. You can tell the lawyer clearly if you don’t know the answer.

You may need help from a skilled attorney to prepare for your Cincinnati workers’ comp case. Reach out to our workers’ comp attorneys to know the best legal options for your case. Our professionally experienced attorneys will ensure that you attain the claim you need.