Columbus Workers Comp Lawyer: Car Accident Coverage

It’s not all that unusual that our Columbus workers comp lawyer would meet with someone involved in a car accident. Not only do a lot of people drive for a living, but one of the leading causes of workplace injuries are motor vehicle accidents. The problem we have with these cases is that our clients’ employers often claim that our client didn’t have permission to use their car for personal reasons. This means that our workers comp lawyers in Columbus have to prove that you were acting within the scope of your employment at the time of your crash. It takes time for our associates to put together the evidence necessary to do that. This is why we recommend that you meet with one of our workers comp lawyers in Columbus sooner rather than later.

When we first meet, we’ll have to review your claim. You need to bring whatever correspondence and other documentation you have related to your workers’ comp claim with you for your free, initial consultation. This gives our Columbus workers compensation attorneys enough information for them to make a decision on your case. If they feel your claim has merit, they will likely be willing to represent you. If, however, they don’t believe your claim will be approved, they may decline to handle your case. It all depends on the strength of the evidence you have to prove your case. It also depends on the seriousness of your injuries. What we won’t do is tell a client they’ll recover benefits if we don’t believe that is true. It isn’t fair to get anybody’s hopes up unfairly.

It Depends on What You Do for a Living

If you drive a car or truck for a living, there shouldn’t be an issue with your workers’ comp claim. Your employer has to understand that you’re at risk of getting into a motor vehicle accident on a daily basis. People who commute to work and back home can end up getting into a crash on any given day. Imagine how much higher your chances are if you drive 8 hours a day.

If driving a vehicle is only a small part of your job, then there’s a chance your employer will deny your workers compensation claim. They may argue that you weren’t supposed to be out in the vehicle at the time of day your accident happened. Or they may allege that you were running personal errands at the exact moment the accident took place. What your Columbus workers compensation attorney has to do is prove that this isn’t the case. We will need find a way to prove that you were, in fact, working at the time someone crashed into your vehicle.

Can Your Workers Comp Lawyer in Columbus Prove that Driving Was Part of Your Job?

There are various ways in which your workers comp lawyer Columbus can prove that you were working at the time of your accident. For example, they may have a video showing you leaving your company’s premises with a package in your hand. If you were on your way to deliver this package at the time of your accident, this will help prove your claim. We can also rely on any dashcam or other video you have onboard, showing your various destinations. Your Columbus workers comp lawyer can also submit a copy of your job description that specifically states that you may need to drive as part of your job. If it does not limit this duty to specific times, it will help prove that your injuries are work-related.

Were You in Your Personal Vehicle or a Company Car?

One factor that will make a difference in your case is whether you were in your own vehicle at the time of your accident. It is much more likely that you were driving as part of your job if you’re in your company vehicle at the time. If you were in your personal vehicle, your employer will say you took this vehicle specifically because you were embarking on a personal errand.

If you can show that you often used your personal car or SUV to do job-related tasks, it can help prove your claim. Your workers compensation attorney in Columbus can also look to see what your employer’s history is with car crashes. If it looks like a lot of employees are injured while in their own vehicles, that will work to strengthen your case as well. What your attorney needs to do is submit evidence of these things to solidify your claim.

What Were You Doing At the Time of Your Crash?

Your workers’ comp lawyer in Columbus will need to know what you were doing at the time of the crash. Were you on your way to deliver a package? Were you meeting a client so they can sign paperwork for a deal you are handling for them? Or, if you drive a service vehicle, were you on your way to a homeowner’s house to install a new appliance?  You need to have answers to this question. This is what your attorney will build your case around.

Your Columbus Workers Compensation Attorney Will Fight to Get You Benefits

If you were hurt on the job, whether it was while you were driving or not, our firm can help. Our Columbus workers compensation attorneys have decades of combined experience handling claims like yours. We are familiar with the workers comp laws in Ohio. We are also familiar with how insurance companies do business. We will do whatever we can to make sure you get the workers’ compensation benefits. Now, if you were using the car for personal reasons, make sure you let your Columbus workers compensation attorney know. While they may not be able to help you get benefits, at least you won’t embarrass yourself when your employer produces evidence of this. Be upfront with your Columbus workers comp lawyer and they will be upfront and honest with you.