Governor Asks Bureau of Workers Compensation for a $5 Billion Dividend

Governor Mike DeWine believes that the biggest Bureau of Workers Compensation dividend in state history will work as a lifeline to businesses that are trying to make it in the coronavirus pandemic. The governor asked the BWC’s Board of Directors to approve a $5 billion dividend. 

The Board of Directors has approved the vote. This will be the third dividend this year, after a $1.54 billion dividend that was issued in April and the October dividend of $1.34 billion. Employers can expect BWC to distribute the checks in December. According to Dewine, the City of Columbus will get the single largest dividend payment of $64 million. 

The pandemic affected many businesses; people are losing jobs, or are redirected to work from home. However, workers are still at risk to get injured even while working remotely.  DeWine said that although the economy is slowly coming back, many workers are still struggling. 

The Bureau of Workers’ Compensation is in a strong fiscal position because of healthy investment returns on employer premiums, and a lowering number of claims per year as well as reasonable fiscal management.

Although many people struggle with losing jobs, you shouldn’t fear workers’ compensation claims in case of an injury (even if it occurs while working from home). If you were injured at work or developed an occupational illness, you shouldn’t hesitate to seek legal help from a skilled workers’ compensation attorney. 

Your settlement will cover your medical expenses and lost wages. Make sure to report the injury to your employer immediately. If it happened at home, and you fear that it would be hard to prove that it happened while you were doing your job, consult with a workers’ compensation attorney. Get answers to your questions from our team at Ohio Workers Compensation Lawyers.