Worker Hospitalized After Industrial Facility Fire in Clinton County

Fire crews rushed to the scene of a dangerous industrial facility fire in Clinton County at about 9:30 on March 2. The building off Prairie Road, referred to as TimberTech, was in flames when the firefighters arrived.

Reports are still a bit unclear. When the fire department first arrived at the Azek Building Products location, they were told that there was a dryer on fire. They were told a dryer had exploded and that it had caught other equipment on fire as well.

The firefighters rushed into the building to find and evacuate employees. They did discover a worker who was back by the dryer that was allegedly the source of the initial explosion. When they found the employee, they saw several dryer units on fire as well as a dust collector.

The worker was rushed to Clinton Memorial Hospital. Investigators have not indicated the extent of his injuries. They have also not released the name of the victim.

It took firetrucks from 5 different boroughs to get the fire under control. They battled the flames from 9:30 pm until after 1:30 am. Thankfully, no other victims were discovered as they cleared up the site.

Clearly, the victim here will have a potential workers compensation claim. The reports did confirm that the victim was working at the time of the explosion. The extent of his injuries is unknown, but he was staying in the hospital the night of the industrial facility fire in Clinton County. He may also have an additional claim if they learn that the dryer unit was defective.

If your loved one is injured while on the job, make sure to call an Ohio workers compensation lawyer right away. You may have a workers compensation claim on your hands.