Can I Use My Own Doctor After an Ohio Workplace Injury?

The exclusive legal answer to address an Ohio workplace injury or an occupational illness is to file a workers’ comp claim. The most essential thing is to notify the employer regarding the injury and get medical attention as soon as possible.

Among Ohio’s private industry employers, over 91,000 non-fatal illnesses and occupational injuries were reported in 2019 by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

When a family has a doctor who is their relative or a close family friend, they prefer to visit them in case their health deteriorates. The family doctor may be aware of all the family history and any recent injuries or diagnoses.

While this is common and a good thing, the physician that you select for your continuing treatment must be a certified Ohio Bureau Workers’ Compensation (BWC) doctor. As long as your current workplace has its own doctor who is BWC certified, you may choose to see them in case your employer recommends. On the other hand, you are always at liberty to see any other BWC-certified medical professional.

Your Workers’ Compensation Rights:

Employees may use a health professional who is not BWC-certified in the case where it is a first medical appointment or an emergency treatment. The Ohio-based employees should subsequently see a certified BWC-professional; otherwise, their medical bills will not be compensated and will not be covered under the workers’ compensation program’s ambit.

If your employer directs you to mandatorily visit the doctor of their choosing, you must immediately consult with your attorney as this is against the law. You are completely entitled to visit a medical professional of your choosing. However, an initial consultation session may be conducted with the employer-recommended doctor in certain cases. In case you opt for medical attention from the company’s doctor, you can easily switch between doctors for further ongoing treatment.

By displaying a BWC certified sign at their workplace, a doctor may demonstrate that they are adequately certified and fully competent under Ohio workers’ compensation. Moreover, an online listing is also maintained by the BWC which contains the names of all certified doctors.

The Advantage to Selecting Your Own Provider:

Having the option to select your own healthcare professional in an Ohio workplace injury diagnosis has three important benefits:

A Doctor You Get Along With:

You may like and go for a doctor based on their appealing and clean bedside manner. Finding a doctor that you can get along with assists in speeding up the recovery process after your Ohio workplace injury. You may face certain limitations and hindrances when opening up to a new doctor regarding your medical history. Having someone familiar can ease this process.


If someone else has to decide your doctor for you, they may be ignorant with respect to your working hours while setting up appointments or how far you are located from the doctor’s workplace. On the other hand, you may pick a doctor while keeping in mind the area you are located in and how far the provider is located from you.

Continued Treatment:

You may continue to get further medical attention if you want from a doctor of your choosing. It is very common that the entity’s doctor treats you for only particular injuries and issues. It is likely that you’re working in the organization and performing your employment duties impacts your health after you are done with the medical treatment from your company’s doctor. Visiting your own providers reduces the probability of this scenario.

Can I Change Doctors Once Treatment Has Initiated?

The first BWC doctor is not locked for your entire remaining treatment. You are free to switch between doctors. You are required to fill part one of the BWC notice to change physician of record and submit and file it with your employer’s managed care organization. This alteration will be witnessed within 24 hours after the MCO completes part two of the form and notify BWC.

You may file the form directly with the employer if they are self-insured.

Can My Employer Legally Attend My Doctor’s Appointments?

Subsequent to an occupational injury, privacy rules restrict employers to be present at an employee’s doctor’s appointments. It is also prohibited if they inquire about your medical condition from your doctor. Similarly, without your explicit consent, your medical provider cannot give out any information to anyone regarding the condition of your health.

You should swiftly consult with a skilled lawyer if you sense that any of these guidelines have been breached.

How Should I Deal with My Ohio Workplace Injury?

We at Workers’ Compensation Lawyers have dedicated our lives to provide you with the impartial and just financial payout that you deserve for all the damages caused by your Ohio workplace injury. Call us today and let’s work out the optimum solution for our case.