Nursing Home Worker Dies from COVID-19

Claudia Boughman was a nurse at New Dawn Rehabilitation and Health Center, a nursing home in Dover.

She worked with the residents in their last years and did not leave them even during the pandemic. She wanted to be there for them and help them since the elderly were at the highest risk of the virus.

Unfortunately, Boughman lost her battle with the virus.

She got infected and died at the age of sixty-two. The virus killed her fast, much earlier before she was able to enjoy her golden years.

Three years ago she and her sister planned a trip to Alaska.

Her sister was asking her to stop working because of her age and the risk of getting a virus, but Claudia refused to settle. Claudia’s daughter is not sure how her mother got infected.

The nursing home where she worked has 98 certified beds, is highly rated by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services standards. It is a 4-star  facility and has five stars on quality of care.

Unfortunately, the home did not stay immune to the COVID-19 virus.

According to the Ohio Department of Health statistics,  New Dawn had 36 residents and 15 staff infected by the virus.

Being infected at your workplace can be easily listed as a workplace health risk.

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