Ohio Grain Workers Safety Week Highlights Field’s Risks and Challenges

Hundreds of people are injured or killed every year in accidents that take place near or on grain facilities. At the beginning of the month, an organization called “Stand Up for Grain” sponsored a state-wide Ohio grain workers safety week dedicated to education on grain industry safety and health. 

This annual program is supported by many of the larger, regional agricultural groups who understand the dangers involved in this industry. They push for workers, managers and operators to take advantage of the resources offered during the week-long program.

One of the big problems with this industry is that very few facilities follow bin safety practices. This is the area in which most of the injuries and accidents take place. Some of the more common issues are slip and falls accidents near the bin. However, there is also the chance that a worker could become entangled in the bins.

When these facilities are sorting lower quality grain, it doesn’t flow properly. This is what leads to most of the grain bin issues. Some employees end up needing to be extricated and have to undergo amputations after their accident.

During the “Stand Up for Grain” Ohio grain workers safety week program, the organization offers daily live courses that those employed in the industry can take part in. These courses teach about proper standards. They also give tips to keep employees safe.

The State of Ohio offers several unique resources that employees and managers can take advantage of. One of these is the Ohio BWC Safety Services program which employees can access online. In addition, the Ohio division of OSHA will come out and do an on-site consultation for companies who need extra help in implementing and managing a safety program.

If your loved one gets hurt on the job, don’t forget to call an Ohio workers’ compensation lawyer right away.

Source: https://ocj.com/2021/04/turning-a-national-focus-to-grain-safety/