Does Ohio Workers’ Compensation Cover Workplace Violence?

Will Ohio Workers’ Compensation cover injuries from workplace violence, is the question put forth by Ohio employees. Workers’ Compensation is defined as the monetary benefits provided by respective companies and organizations to their employees in case of an injury that takes place during working hours. Workers in Ohio also go through these catastrophes as well but to what extent does the occurrences of these catastrophes classify as accidental or intentional acts; caused by workplace violence? For instance, the shocking revelations by Ohio Nurses Association infer that approximately one in four nurses are assaulted at work in terms of physical and verbal abuse.

Factually, accidental events and incidents due to workplace violence are two different aspects and to what extent the causalities are born by workplace compensations due to workplace violence is Ohio employees’ utmost concern.

Ohio Workers’ Compensation – Everything You Should Know About Workplace Violence:

Earlier, workplace violence was only considered as to physically humiliate someone in terms of either abusing or sexually assaulting, attacking, or even killing them. However, workplace violence has evolved and included other acts of coercion, verbal harassment, or threats; ultimately turning it into an act of physical violence. Workplace violence may include everyone present at the office from higher authorities, colleagues, and other faculty members to non-employed third parties, like a customer, client, or a mere visitor as well.

Workplace Violence; Not Part of the Job:

One may find workplace violence in every sector of the industry. On some occasions, it is being done behind the curtains on a trivial level and is remunerated by tangible and intangible rewards. For example, a customer may harass the employee but later compensate it with some sort of tip. While on other occasions, workplace violence occurs on a massive magnitude by the offender(s) yet is held unaccountable and set free for their actions. It may include a manager; famous for their malicious attitude and behavior towards employees yet gets barely noticed for this particular action because they are the “boss”.

Indeed, workplace violence is not part of the job, and no employee signs for it upon joining a company. Stopping workplace violence is crucial not only to safeguard employee safety and security but to preserve the overall workplace culture based on ethics and moral principles.

Ways to Stop Workplace Violence:

On an individual and collective level; both, there are certain ways through which employees can stop workplace violence. These are:

Understand the Basics of Workplace Violence:

The most important aspect of starting the journey of employment is knowing the basics of workplace violence as an employee. It includes how anyone within or outside the firm can always intend to harm you either physically, verbally, or by means of both. Additionally, having a fundamental knowledge about workplace violence will double your level of alertness, concentration on others’ actions as well as restrain you from blindly trusting others at work.

Begin Taking a Stand for Yourself and Others:

If you ever become the victim of workplace violence or see it happening with anybody else in the office, make yourself strong enough to stand for your rights and protest in support of others’ appeal as well for violating the company’s guidelines.

Unite Against the Offender:

If you find someone engaged in workplace violence whether a co-worker, supervisor or even a client; unite with others against the offender in order to ensure they are charged with punishment as brutal as possible for their evil actions.

Learn to Say ‘No’:

As an upright employee, you must learn how to say no to workplace violence. Often, victims encourage the offenders by not raising fingers against them as a way of escaping but end up being detained instead.

File a Complaint:

At last, if workplace violence harms you in any sense and the higher authorities remain silent, you need to file a complaint and contact a reputable attorney to get you your rightful reimbursements.

Does Ohio Workers’ Compensation Recovers Workplace Violence?

Typically, Ohio Workers’ compensation provides benefits to its employees such as medical assistance, temporary and permanent total disability benefits, scheduled loss reimbursements, occupational change awards, and death benefits. There are compensations available to bear the sequels of workplace violence in terms of violating quantified company’s policies which emphasizes workplace violence as an unethical and criminal code of conduct.

What You Can Do to Overcome this Issue?

You as a sensible employee can voice for your legal rights. And to help you do so, Ohio Workers’ Compensation Lawyers are just a call away. With years of experience and an advanced level of expertise, we have attorneys to take the necessary steps for the clients while ensuring satisfying results.