Ohio Public Worker Injury Insurance Premiums Slashed Starting January 1, 2022

Effective from the dawn of 2022, public employers of Ohio will have to pay significantly less in worker’s injury compensation premiums. The Ohio public worker injury insurance cut will cumulatively reach $17 million, and this will be effective from January 1, 2022.

So far, there has been a decline in Ohio worker’s injury compensation claims, and the positive indicators have compelled the Ohio Worker’s Compensation Bureau to slash the premium rates significantly. The rate went down by a solid 10% in one go, and all because of positive steps were taken by public employers to better safeguard their workers on the job.

Plus, the medication inflation costs have also been relatively lower in Ohio.

But overall, this is a massive win for Ohio’s public sector employers who will now be able to better use the saved-up funds for the betterment of their departments. The increased investment in employees and the workplaces is sure to minimize the threat even further, allowing for future cuts like this.

There have been slashes in the insurance premium rates in the past as well, and counting from 2009, this is the 13th such cut.

The Ohio public worker injury insurance premium cuts are a result of better safety training and a genuine effort on part of employers to safeguard their workers from all possible threats in the workplace. Of course, the 10% slash should be understood as an average for Ohio, not a strict percentage for all public departments.

Hopefully, things will go on like this in the future as well, however, one can never predict when such a disaster may strike down a worker during their work hours. If you or a loved one have been injured during your duty, don’t delay contacting a competent Ohio workers’ compensation lawyer for timely action.

Source: https://www.sidneydailynews.com/news/213016/public-employer-rate-cut-effective-jan-1