Temporary Total Disability: TTD Benefits in Cincinnati, Ohio

What entitlement do you have to TTD benefits in Cincinnati, Ohio? The two most common concerns raised by injured workers are; “If my injuries prevent me from returning to work, how will I earn money?” and “How will I afford the cost of my medical treatment?” Health care benefits are provided as well as perks, along with any compensation for any lost income in an Ohio workers’ compensation system. This measure largely addresses the concerns of the workers.

You are entitled to temporary total disability compensation in case you are temporarily unable to return to work. Get in touch with a competent attorney to see if you are eligible for TTD benefits in Cincinnati, Ohio. They will facilitate you throughout the process.

As per the report of the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 91,000 nonfatal occupational illnesses and injuries were reported by Ohio’s private industry employers in 2019. This resulted in a 2.4 per 100 full-time workers’ incidence rate.

What Does Temporary Mean?

The word “temporary” in the scope of this context means that there is the hope of improvement as it pertains to the permitted mental or physical conditions in the underlying workers’ comp claim. Therefore, there must be documentary evidence of clinically approved treatment plans and procedures. Such plans should be able to demonstrate the possibility of improvements in the allowed conditions.

What Is Temporary Total Disability?

Temporary total disability is the amount of compensation paid to an injured employee in order to provide for the lost earning due to a work-related injury. Therefore, if you are unable to return to your designated position after the incident, you are entitled to collect TTD Benefits in Cincinnati, Ohio. The said injured worker will also have the right to collect benefits if they have to return to work with some medical restrictions and the employer has failed to accommodate those restrictions.

Medical costs and other health care expenses pertaining to the damage are to be paid despite how much time is missed from work. However, the payment of TTD is directly proportional to how much time you missed from work.

  • No TTD is payable if you miss 7 days of work
  • You receive TTD on the commencement of the 8th day in case you miss 8-14 days of work
  • You are entitled to TTD for days 1-7 if you miss 14 or more days of work

How to Claim TTD Benefits in Cincinnati, Ohio?

The injured worker’s doctor must fill the Physician’s Report of Work Ability form to request payment of TTD. The injured employee is required to complete a C84 form. Both these forms must be filed with the Ohio BWC.

TTD is paid based on the injured employee’s full weekly wage for the first 12 weeks after the injury. It is paid at 72% of the entire weekly wage.

TTD is based on the average weekly wage rate if the worker still cannot work after 12 weeks from the date of injury. This benchmark is determined by averaging the injured individual’s monthly income for the last 12 months prior to the incident. The benchmark rate is 66.66% of the average weekly wage and may not exceed this rate.

How Long Does Temporary Total Disability Last?

Until and unless one of the following situations arises, an injured worker has a right to receive temporary total disability benefits:

  • The injured worker returns to work
  • The employer offers a light-duty job within the medical constraints
  • They are cleared by their doctor to return back to the job they were previously performing before the accident
  • The worker has achieved maximum medical improvement
  • The said worker returns to work for another employer either part-time or full-time.

Why Do I Need an Attorney?

Many complex and potential issues may arise if an injured worker claims TTD benefits. For instance, the employer may challenge the claim and make the worker visit a doctor for a medical evaluation. Due to such reasons, it is preferred to consult an attorney and discuss all your legal options with them. A skilled attorney can make sure your rights are safeguarded and you are not exploited by the employer.

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