Worker Killed in a Construction Accident in Hamilton

The Butler County Coroner’s office revealed the person’s identity. Forty-eight-year-old Timothy Dale Adkins from Franklin, Ohio was killed on Wednesday morning in Hamilton in a construction workplace incident.

The man lost his life after suffering multiple blunt force injuries. According to the coroner’s report, the accident happened in the 800-block of Eaton Avenue, Hamilton.

The man was fatally hit by a construction truck.

The coroner report classified the death as an accident. The investigation determined that he was killed at the scene.

Unfortunately, people get injured or killed at their workplace.

Suffering an injury at the workplace should be immediately reported to the employer and the worker must receive medical help.

A workplace injury happens after one event. Occupational illness results in continuous exposure to different hazards during work.

Seeking your workers’ compensation claim can be done individually, but it would be much better if you consult with a workers’ compensation attorney and let them do the job.

Going into the process with a workers’ compensation attorney would spare you from stressful evens, complex situations and in general will guide you into the process easily.

Although getting the workers’ compensation claim should not be a problem, many workers face denial. Some occupations are entitled to the claim (firefighters, police officers, construction workers), others might not be entitled.

Some workers might get a lower claim that will not cover their medical expenses and lost wages.

Ohio limits the statute of limitations for workers’ compensation claims to one year, so make sure you act fast.

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