Workers Compensation Case: Should I Get a Lawyer?

If you get hurt at work, you have no reason to think that you won’t qualify for workers compensation benefits. After all, you followed your company’s policy and reported your injury right away. You weren’t under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of your accident. You even agreed to take a drug test prior to treatment. This is why you may be shocked and frustrated when you hear that your workers comp claim has been denied. The best way to handle this is to call an Ohio workers compensation attorney right away.

One of our associates will reach out to your employer and find out why your claim was denied. They will also let the insurance company know that they represent you and that all future communications must come through our office.

Here, we will discuss the benefits of having an Ohio personal injury attorney help with your workers comp case. Not only will the insurance company not be able to take advantage of you, but you’ll have the assurance that your claim will be handled properly from day one. All you have to do is call our office and schedule your free, initial consultation.

It’s Better to Hire an Ohio Workers Compensation Attorney Right from the Start

Some people like to wait until their claim has been denied before they hire an attorney. There’s nothing wrong with doing this. However, the longer you go without an attorney, the harder it will be for them to appeal your claim later on. If they get to review your case while it’s still fresh, they can try to negotiate payment with your employer before it reaches the appeals stage.

If the insurance company doesn’t think you have an attorney, they may take their sweet time reviewing your claim. They may tell you that your initial claim wasn’t filled out properly. They may claim that you refused medical treatment. All sorts of things can happen at the beginning of the workers compensation process. You’ll be in much better shape if a Ohio workers compensation lawyer is there by your side.

You Don’t Want Your Employer to Take Advantage of You

In our experience, a lot of our clients tell us that the reason they hired a lawyer is because their employer was taking advantage of them. Some clients tell us that their employer tried to force them to come back to work before they’re ready. Others tell us that their employer approved their benefits and then turned around and terminated them a week later. As long as you don’t have an Ohio personal injury attorney handling your case, the insurance company will continue to try to take advantage of you. They may offer you a month’s worth of benefits and then expect you to come back to work. They may tell you that your workers compensation doctor has determined that you have reached maximum medical improvement way too early. If you have an attorney, they will not attempt to do these things. They know that your lawyer isn’t intimidated by them and will not fall for any of their tactics.

If Your Claim is Denied, Your Lawyer Can Help with Your Appeal

If your employer or the insurance company does deny your claim, your Ohio workers compensation lawyer will help you file an appeal. Depending on the reason why your claim was denied, the insurance company may change their mind and agree to pay your claim. For example, if your claim was denied because you did not complete the necessary paperwork, your Ohio personal injury attorney can resolve that matter rather quickly. If, on the other hand, your claim was denied because your employer thinks you were hurt outside of work, it’ll be a lot harder to appeal your claim. At that point, it may make more sense to just go ahead and file suit.

As a Last Resort, Your Ohio Workers Compensation Attorney Will File Suit

If you thought filing your workers comp claim was hard, wait until you try to file a lawsuit all by yourself. There are so many minute rules and procedures that you need to follow that it’s very easy to make a mistake. If you make a mistake when you file your initial complaint, it will be rejected, and you’ll have to start the process all over again. This means that you’ll have to pay your filing fees all over again as well. If you have an Ohio workers compensation lawyer handling the case for you, you don’t have to worry about these things happening.

Speak with an Experienced Ohio Personal Injury Attorney Today

If you suffered a workplace injury and you’re not sure if you need to hire an attorney, you’re not much different than our other clients. A lot of people think they can handle their workers comp claim on their own. Then they realize they’re in over their head. It seemed simple at first. You fill out some paperwork, go out to see the workers compensation doctor, and then you get your benefits, right? Unfortunately, it’s not always so simple. Our Ohio personal injury attorneys meet with clients every week who thought the claim would be approved only to find out it was denied days later. What we do is help our clients get the benefits they deserve. If you suffered permanent injuries of any sort, we’ll fight to make sure the insurance company fairly compensates you.

Timing is everything when it comes to filing your workers compensation claim. That’s why we suggest you contact our office as soon as possible after your workplace accident. We can set up a date and time to come in and meet with one of our Ohio personal injury attorneys. They will review your case and give you an idea of whether your claim will be approved. They will also be by your side throughout the workers compensation process.

We recommend that you call our office and schedule your free, initial consultation within days of your workplace injury. This way, your lawyer can help you file your initial workers compensation claim and make sure it’s handled properly from the start. Since you don’t pay our firm anything until we settle your case, you have nothing to lose.