Tow Truck Driver Dies on Job in a Car Crash on West Price Hill

A car crash on West Price Hill was the scene of a tragic incident. On Monday, 11:49 P.M the Cincinnati Police Traffic Unit received an emergency call, responding to which the officers were dispatched to 4000 block Rapid Run Pike area where they found a tow truck driver severely injured on duty.

The victim, Glenn Ewing, aged 32 years, was found heavily injured at the car crash on West Price Hill.

He was immediately rushed to the University of Cincinnati Hospital Medical Center for urgent treatment but succumbed to his fatal injuries and was pronounced dead. Ewing was on duty on the West Price Hill roadway; he was busy loading the truck with a disabled vehicle, a 2001 Mercedes Benz when another car crashed into him and caused life-threatening injuries.

The said car, driven by a 20-year-old man, smashed into the back of the tow truck and caused serious property damage to both the truck and the car being towed in addition to claiming the life of the victim. The driver, however, only sustained minor injuries.

Cincinnati Fire Department officers showed up at the scene and offered first aid medical treatment to the driver, however, the victim, Glenn Ewing, had to be rushed to the hospital because of the nature of his injuries where he passed away. The driver did not seem to be impaired in any way, i.e. was not drunk, and was wearing his seatbelt when the accident happened but may have sped excessively.

Investigative officers believe that speeding was a factor in causing the accident.

Distracted driving and recklessness on part of the driver obviously were relevant factors, and the tow truck driver was on duty when the accident happened.

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