How an Ohio Workers’ Compensation Claim Works in a Different State

Injured workers often have multiple questions about how their Ohio Workers’ Compensation Claim will work. From the time to the amount to be paid, there are so many things that cross their mind. After all, it’s not a small matter, as their living depends on an Ohio Workers’ Compensation Claim.

Amongst all these questions, workers also wonder if living in a different state will affect their compensation. Well, the simple answer is no. Under compensation laws for workers in Ohio, injured workers receive compensation no matter where they reside. So, it doesn’t matter whether someone lives in Ohio or someplace else, they will be compensated for their loss.

According to reports, over 91,000 non-fatal workplace injuries were reported in Ohio in 2019. It was quite a high number but sadly with the passing years, this number hasn’t decreased. Rather, more accidents are seen daily. From young to old, anyone can have an accident at their workplace. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to know about the rules and regulations regarding an Ohio Workers’ Compensation Claim.

Sometimes the workers have to move to another city for their job or for personal reasons. If that is the case with an individual and they think that they might not remain eligible for the compensation that it’s not correct. They will still be eligible. However, they will have to face minor difficulties in obtaining it.

How Will the Ohio Worker’s Compensation Claim Help with Medical Treatment?

Medical treatment is the basic right of an injured worker. They should get the best possible treatment from a first-class hospital. However, this treatment comes at a heavy price. Not every person can afford proper medical treatments and that is why the compensation amount covers medical bills. The rules of compensation claims make the employer pay the medical bills of their workers.

According to Ohio’s rules workers need to go to health care providers who are registered with the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC). If someone is going to a medical practitioner who isn’t certified by BWC then they won’t get any money for medical procedures. Hence, workers leaving Ohio need to keep this in mind. There is a high chance that the court will ask the employee to come back to Ohio for their treatment.

The place you move to may have a hospital registered with BWC. If so, you will be allowed to seek treatment. Yet every place doesn’t have certified practitioners and the worker will need to move back and forth for free medical checkups. This becomes impractical and to some extent impossible for injured victims.

Thus, it is better to remain within the state until you are fully healed. Another option is to locate an approved doctor near your new area. To find such a doctor all you need to do is check BWC’s online provider look-up.

Other Factors to Consider:

An injured employee is legally bound to tell BWC about their contact details, home address, and other personal information. If someone had a recent change in their number or is moving to a new address, they need to inform the authorities. Especially those injured workers residing outside Ohio must inform the relevant authorities about any change in their bank details or phone numbers. It helps avoid unnecessary confusion and problems in the Ohio Workers’ Compensation Claim.

Different States Have Different Laws:

Every state has its laws regarding worker compensation claims. A worker should always register their claim in the state where they got injured. Whether someone lives in Michigan or Texas doesn’t matter, if they were injured in Ohio, then the claim must be filed in Ohio.

Even if in between the process a worker has to move to another state, their Ohio Workers’ Compensation Claim will still be dealt with according to the regulations of Ohio. There are not many big differences between the compensation rules for various areas, only the payment schedule and amount vary.

Hiring the Best Lawyer for Your Case:

If an employee is injured at their workplace and requires compensation from their employer, then they need to seek legal help. Hire an attorney with experience in Ohio worker’s compensation claim cases. Without strong support, employees might not be able to get the most out of their situation. At our office, you will find seasoned lawyers with years of experience in handling similar cases.

We fight on your behalf, navigate your claim and advocate for you in each hearing. Moreover, we also prepare our clients in the best way possible so that they can handle tricky questions in their Ohio Workers’ Compensation Claim. Contact our team today to set an appointment with the best lawyers in town.