Two HVAC Workers Injured During House Explosion in Ohio

Two HVAC workers were injured in a bizarre house explosion in Ohio. Three HVAC workers were working on a heating system in a house near Clarksville, Ohio in Clinton County last Tuesday when tragedy struck. They were trying to install a new geothermal heating system in the house’s basement. One of the men was attempting to clean the unit with denatured alcohol.

As the men were cleaning and preparing the system, a fire broke out. The authorities have not indicated what started the fire. What they do know is that shortly after the fire ignited, leading to the house explosion in Ohio.

The three men were in the building when they realized the fire had consumed the entire first floor. The people who owned the house were inside as well.

One of the workers suffered serious burn injuries. He was transported to Miami Valley Hospital. There has not been an update on the worker’s status yet. A second worker also suffered a burn injury but, thankfully, his were not as serious as his coworkers. This second worker was taken to Clinton Memorial Hospital.

There was a third worker in the basement at the time of the explosion. The third worker managed to escape unscathed. The two homeowners were also able to get out of the house without any serious injuries.

The police have not yet released the name of any of the victims. There was also no indication as to whether the heating system was defective or faulty.

So far, the news has not provided the name of the HVAC company the victims work for. The homeowners have also not been identified. The workers may have a possible workers compensation claim depending on what the investigation reveals.

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