Types of Workers’ Comp Benefits in Ohio You Are Entitled To

It’s very common to get injured at your workplace. Many employees receive minor and major injuries daily. These injuries cost employees their jobs, daily wages, and sometimes even their lives. For this reason, the state of Ohio sets certain rules that allow workers to receive compensation. Workers’ comp benefits in Ohio cover several things such as medical bills and lost wages.

However, the process is not very simple. The injured person needs to prove that their injury was the result of a mishap at their workplace. Along with medical proof, the intensity of the injury is also checked to determine the seriousness of the situation. Only after the court is sure of the employee’s injury, they will suggest a compensation amount.

In 2019, the state of Ohio registered a total of 166 fatal work injuries. This was higher than the previous year. Along with fatal injuries, workers suffered from other various accidents as well. So, any worker who has suffered injuries or an illness in Ohio is eligible to apply for a compensation claim.  Every worker can’t afford medical treatment or miss out on work. That is why the government sets up these laws to protect the rights of workers.

How to Qualify for Workers’ Comp Benefits in Ohio:

Everyone wants to avail themselves of the workers’ comp benefits in Ohio, but to do so one has to be eligible. There are certain criteria for workers which allow them to qualify for getting compensation. First of all the injured worker needs to show relevance between their injury and workplace.

It means that an individual has to prove that their injury was caused due to their work-related activity. For this reason, it’s good to have your medical history with you so that it can be cross-checked for any kind of past illness. Also, have proof of the fact that the injury is physical and not an emotional one.

Not only do workers need proof of the injury but need to show that they were not negligent on their duty to claim for workers’ comp benefits in Ohio. Have a friend or colleague vouch for you so that the court becomes aware of your responsible nature. The most important thing is to file a claim within the limitation period. Usually, a claim can be made within two years of the accident.

Various Benefits Associated with Workers’ Comp:

A person can achieve the following benefits if they can prove their claim:

  • Receiving Full Pay:

Compensation cases urge employers to provide injured workers with their full pay. It is the first and most useful benefit. With no lost wages, a person can recover in a better manner and won’t have to worry about their home’s financial conditions.

  • Scheduled Loss Benefit:

In case a worker suffers from an amputation or an illness that prevents them from returning to their job then a lump sum amount is paid to them. It is done to make sure that the victim can survive after the injury.

  • Lifelong Payments:

When a person develops an injury that doesn’t fully heal or an illness that can’t be cured then the worker will receive compensation for the rest of their lives. However, to be applicable for this benefit, an individual must have lingering health problems.

  • Relief Fund for the Disabled:

Those who suffer from disabilities are allocated money from this fund. It helps them to manage their daily expenses and covers medical bills.

  • Change of Job:

For people like industrial workers, miners, and firefighters, if they lose their ability to perform their job then they become eligible for this benefit. The money is used for supporting the person during the training period or if the next job is lower-paying.

  • Payment for Facial Disfigurement:

This is a one-time benefit that covers damages done to the face. If someone receives scar or burn marks that make them unable to return to their work then they receive a facial disfigurement compensation.

  • Living Costs:

People who lose wages due to a workplace injury can get this benefit after proving their case.

  • Death Claims:

Dependents can also benefit from these workers’ comp benefits in Ohio. A child or a partner of a deceased worker can get benefits after their loved ones’ death. Usually, children and parents are more likely to get compensated for their loss.

Hire a Professional for Your Case:

It’s not easy to get workers’ comp benefits in Ohio or anywhere else. A lot of effort has to be put in to prove the victim’s case. For this reason, it’s important to hire a good lawyer. Our firm’s finest lawyers have years of experience in these matters. They will fight the case on your behalf and negotiate for the best possible compensation. Book an appointment with our experts today to get your rightful compensation.